Disciplined Passion

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Discipline that drives passion that drives discipline. 


“I have a dream” Martin Luther King Jr. said, drawing the attention of all of the United States, and the rest of the Western world. A dream that at the time seemed impossible to fulfill, today we look back at with a sense of accomplishment for humanity. Dr. King’s passion to change the circumstances in from which his people were suffering, today still inspires the minds of many. The passion to change circumstances, to alter that which everyone believed to be unstoppable: the growing issue of racism and unjust human rights, has positively affected thousands of souls. You might wonder why I use this historical event in a manual on leadership. It’s quite simple, the passion Dr. King put in his work, and the discipline he had in doing the work even though he and his family were threatened to be killed on several occasions, led this African American pastor to change the trajectory of the on-going racial inequality.

1. The Importance of Passion

When looking back at the lives of people such as Dr King, the heroes of the past, it is easy to spot their passion for what they do. Often times we do however fail to realize the amount of discipline it must have required to keep pushing towards the goal and dream. In King’s case, a 13 year battle that ended with his tragic death.

Passion is a fuel that motivates us, and drives us to action. With passion we focus our time in such a way that we have an impact on those around us. It is like a beach ball. Very visible when you are at a pool, but when you try to submerge and hide it, you realize this is incredibly hard to do. Why? With the physics of floatation kicking in, you will soon enough find out it is designed to come to the surface. Passion is something everyone will notice in you, no matter how hard you are trying to hide it.


 2. The Value of Discipline

Unfortunately, passion is like human emotion. It changes over time. There are peaks, and there are valleys. This is where the discipline aspect kicks in. Leave a beach ball

untouched in the water for a few weeks and you will see what happens. The air that was blown in will slowly find its way out, and the beach ball starts to look pathetic. If you do not put the effort into keeping the air in the beach ball, the beach ball will be of no use. This is the same for your passion. If you don’t do the important daily requirements you need to do to keep yourself fervent for your passion, the passion will burn out, and often times you will too.


3. Discipline drives passion

Developing your God-given passion is like blowing in spiritual air that allows it to increase.

Prayer, meditation, and being in God’s presence are all key factors in staying zealous.

When your passion increases, so will your drive to keep on going. When your passion increases, so will the passion in the people around you. Passion is infectious.


 Final Note

Do not let your passion become something that drains the life out of you. The 39 year old Dr. King had a heart which condition was equal to that of a 60 year old, all because of the amount of stress he was dealing with daily. The fact that you might feel like the only one that is passionate about, for example Kids Ministry, does not mean you are to blame when something in that department goes wrong.


Stay zealous. Stay passionate. Stay positive.

Keep praying. Keep fasting. Keep loving.

Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.  Romans 12:10

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