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Have I been here before?

I walk – panting, and breathing
Seeking answers to questions
Finding reason for being

I lay – sleeping and wheezing
Slipping further and deeper
Into this state of ceasing

I sit – looking around me
Have I been here before
Did these walls always surround me?

Lonely I reside,
In these empty halls
But every now and then
I briefly remember God

I remember Him, by instinct
Like birds migrating south,
In search of food and warmth,
The homing instinct

I remember
His love was all around
Confessed Him with my mouth
But the memories are fading

Do I remember?
Slowly braincells are decaying
I’m cussing and swearing
Yet my conscience stays cautious
And I remain conscious
Not knowing when I stop
Floating in my fantasy
Losing my humanity
Embracing mortality
Migrating to Eternity

Have I been here before?

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