Season of Drought

Written by d116v. Posted in Poetry

A letter I wrote to my past self, struggling with faith.
I performed this piece in my last week of being in a 3 year discipleship program.



Dear me, 4 months ago.


I see your current situation, but this is what I would like you to know

The doubt that arises every time you pray, the intensity of your crisis

Making you unsure if you should stay, is eating you away.

Slowly killing you, devouring parts of your soul and heart

So fight hard to the stay focussed on the promises you’ve received from God.


They say faith and doubt go hand in hand,

Because faith is believing in the infinite, and following the invisible

Which for you I guess is kind of hard to understand,

So you’re brought to a place beyond your own comprehension, you’re shaken

And you turn to God for help when your foundations are shaking

Only to find out that it is God who is shaking them, days of doubt.


These are the days of doubt, the season of drought

Be on the lookout for lies, that will inevitably cause a burnout

Throughout this journey, this route, to completely wipeout

any symptoms of self-guidance and unbelief

Be devout to follow your Savior even tho he’s won’t be answering

your shouts, your cries, your anthems of heartache

Being terrified that your lover went without even saying goodbye


A season of drought



So you’re stuck wondering why, and from Heaven there’s no reply

not even options intensified, or made easier to identify

Typical poet, surfing a flow, creating a lullaby

Simplifying the beauty of being stuck in an emotion

And through this earthly commotion hoping Christ still will be amplified


So I jump in the deep, hoping His spirit catches me

So I can cling onto Him and soar high, reminded by the marks on His thigh

“King of Kings, Lord of Lords”

Knowing that within my cry I find the answer


He is beauty personified, who will provide, for you’re His bride,

For you He also cried, when you turned your back to Him at the moment he died.

So we have no other option then to pursue,

One hand as a fist to knock, the other holding a tissue box

A man full of emotion, I guess we could call you Paradox

Experiencing aftershocks of an earthquake of change.

Stuck in a romantic exchange of heartache

Sudden outbreak of awakened realization of being responsible

Feeling schizophrenic for planning my wedding, yet wanting to meet Christ more

Don’t get me wrong, Love your future wife with all that you got,

But all that you have is given by Christ, so He is all that you got

So with all that you got, love her, and so love her with Christ, for He’s all that you got



So keep knocking on Heavens door,

Knowing that when He opens up, there’s more for us in store

So I keep knocking and though my hands are sore,

I know that my divine reward will open up the door


And he will refill your tank of motivation, reempower the immunity system

Of your spiritually, redefining the person he intended you to be,

and He will speak these words of life

“Without my crucifixion there wouldn’t have been a ressurection,

So pick up your cross, I’ll lead you through imperfection

The next time you fall, just kneel in the right direction


So my worries are crucified, and trust in Him has resurrected





Life in full Color

Written by d116v. Posted in Poetry

A spoken word I performed during a youth event, with the theme being Life in Full Color.

About the importance of transparent accountability.


This corner of color is only registered in your brain because of the light that shines on the platform.

If you were to remove the sources of light, you’d remove quite an important human sense,

with this room being completely dark, It’d be like removing your sight.

You see the physical difference between light and dark,

Is simply the absence of a superior.

And with the topic being “living life in full color”

It is important to know that doing so requires us to live in the light.

You see darkness was ‘created’ when he who once was an angel started changing within,

And the light that God placed in him started to dim.

When self-righteousness whispered, and pride started to yell

The spectrum of color faded, and blue skies turned to grey

It was like 40 days of rain, but hold on – a promise was made

So this is for those that want to change

For those that are so sick of the mundane

So tired of all kinds of memories made

The faces of hopeless women engraved onto their membranes

Constantly deleting their browser history, without their history being changed.

Tired of a lifestyle of routine and addiction

Leaving them spiritually torn

Innocent enough to safe it for marriage, but guilty for looking at porn

So sick of trying it on their own, simply not having the strength to stop

This was my personal battle until I went through God’s photoshop.

A place where my faults were removed,

A place where my mind was retuned

Colors renewed, my life was made new

You see, I tricked you – This is not a poem, it is a spotlight

I am handing you an opportunity, giving you the gift of artistry

The creative skill and ability to live according to your full color scheme.

This is the spectrum of light simplified, narrowed down into a bold saying:

I showed obedience in words, but in my heart I disobeyed.

And I wondered why God didn’t accept the sacrifices I gave,

this is my story of Abel and Cain.

And it’s heartbreaking to see friends not changing

Patterns, and desires, emphasized in the dark

Because in the light it would require accountability and change.

The only weapon to fight sin with is the spear that pierced Jesus’ side *1

At that moment on the cross when the light of life gave his life

And darkness came across the land, the Author of Salvation’s plan

To restore the colors he created, and mankind back to where it began

In the midst of the day, He died for our sinful desire and craving

Christ slapped YOLO in the face, this is the original daylight saving.

Hope is here, let’s embrace Him.


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