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Have I been here before?

I walk – panting, and breathing
Seeking answers to questions
Finding reason for being

I lay – sleeping and wheezing
Slipping further and deeper
Into this state of ceasing

I sit – looking around me
Have I been here before
Did these walls always surround me?

Lonely I reside,
In these empty halls
But every now and then
I briefly remember God

I remember Him, by instinct
Like birds migrating south,
In search of food and warmth,
The homing instinct

I remember
His love was all around
Confessed Him with my mouth
But the memories are fading

Do I remember?
Slowly braincells are decaying
I’m cussing and swearing
Yet my conscience stays cautious
And I remain conscious
Not knowing when I stop
Floating in my fantasy
Losing my humanity
Embracing mortality
Migrating to Eternity

Have I been here before?

Sinful Mundane

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When the moon loses the battle with a city
The sun is covered by the smog of fleshly complaints
The artificial light shines, the human race whines
We continue life in sin, yet we keep asking why
It’s like we see in black and gray
We allow depression to take our lives,
And then expect God to stay.


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