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Share – Make Aware.

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First of all, watch this video about Baan Zion

In summer 2012 I got an opportunity to go to Thailand. God opened a door for me to be involved in a ministry led by the Zion Child Care Trust Foundation, in a project called “Baan Zion” Children Prison Ministries.

This foundation aims to enhance the life, the education, the health and thus the future of deprived children. Soon after I arrived I had a God given realization that I was in this country in the far east so that I could raise awareness in the countries in the west.

Everyday I am amazed to see the genuine smiles on the children’s faces. This amazes me because of the background these kids have. In Thailand when the mother goes to prison and the father is not in the picture, which is usually the case, the children have to live in prison with their mothers or are left without care in the village of origin when their mother is detained. Baan Zion, with the approval of the mother, either picks up the children from prison, or from the villages in the mountains. Both sexual and physical abuse are very common in these places, not to mention the satanic influences in the villages. Shamans, animism, and buddhism have a very powerful influence on these hill-tribes. When they are left in their village with no one taking care of them, the things mentioned above take place. When they are left in prison however, they still have no future due to the fact that there is almost no education in prison. The Thai government however it trying everything they can.

In both cases the child experiences terrible things which no one should ever go through.

This is crazy, and this must change. This can change, but only if we, the universal church, works together. It is incredible to see how God provides for this foundation, but it is sad to know that God is providing in incredible ways because the churches in the west are simply not supportive. So many kids could be moved from these dark villages, to the loving and caring surroundings of these orphanages, where the Spirit of God is present. When there are more funds, they can also start to reach out to the detained mothers, and even the family in the mountains. 

They need an
abundant breakthrough in their overall finances so they can sustain the present work, can start to reach out and help those children on the waiting lists, and can restructure the help towards the detained mothers.


Give and you will be given.

Let’s do this.


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