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Surprising uncertainty

Written by d116v. Posted in Thoughts

In my short stay on this earth so far I have been surprised a lot. I’m not too big on surprises, because they’re always surprising, but it surprises me to see how I ended up living the way I live. I’m surprised to see how God has lead me through circumstances I thought were impossible to conquer, to then give me a new realization. A realization of life importance. A realization that brought along a memorable milestone: a memory that marked the end of a season, and the beginning of a new life with Christ. The sudden realization where I realized that when I live a life of obedience, and live a life of complete surrender to Him and His plan for me, and I will walk a road with only one certainty.

He is in control.  

It’s a road filled with interesting turns, unexpected valleys, and hard to climb mountain tops. Turns that might trigger confusion “Why there?”, valleys that might trigger depression “Why this?”, and mountain tops that might trigger pride “Why me?”. All of these with uncertainty, explaining the question why.

Luckily there is one certainty. A certain certainty that certainly changed the way I live, breathe and write. A certainty that is so life changing. Once we finally get a grasp on who He really is to us, and who we really are to Him. Once we realize what He really thinks of us, and how he sees us even when we’re at our lowest, there is no doubt this will revolutionize our way of thinking, living, and worshipping. Revolutionizing in a way that our way of thinking, living, and worshipping will all be fused together into something simple and bold, which certainly has to be told..

A life of worship


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